Sunday, December 22, 2013

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Our new EP: AGE OF TRANSITIONS is out now on Bandcamp: download it here.

As always our cds are available for $5.  If you are interested in a limited edition sleeve let us know through our email:

one luv.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

 2012 was a busy year in my creative life with my many creative 
friends and for 2013 I'd like to start by sharing some of it with ,"ALL".
This time last year The crew over at IMAGINARY WEAPONS started 
recording an ep Titled : PERSEPHONE'S GOLDEN MASK,  you can listen to it/ download it here:
And we all know a great match to a great new album is a great new 
video that you can watch right here:
It's for the song 
THIRD WAVE which is on the last album. 

A few months ago we put a video out for the opening track on the 

album BEST DAY OF YOUR LIFE watch here:

We have beautiful Hand made Cd's available For $5(limited edition 
of 50) contact me if your interested.  We'll be PLAYING   some of these songs LIVE this Saturday@ THE GOWANUS BALL ROOM for A SANDY BENEFIT,!/events/398777493539877/
I'll be back with some more goodies to share in the near future< 
till then, stay alert, there's predators out there.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Things Are Happening.

Hey Internet! Our next show is @ Grand Victory(formerly Brewer Falls) in Williamsburg. If you can come out and support that would be greeaaat! ;) we are in the process of final mastering for our next release, Persephone's Golden Mask. This will be our 4th release to date and we are really excited about it. A lot of the tracks we've been playing at shows and if you've come out to any recently, you've likely heard them. For example, the single "Best Day of Your Life". We also already have a video for that song which is already on YouTube--> here. We also have tunes lined up for another release early next year. We play some tracks from that as well. So ...lots of new music and old favs at shows. We are currently trying to play as many shows as possible in the nyc/brooklyn/long island areas. Hit us up if you need a band to play a spot!

Joe --> iW--<>--

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

We Play Rockaway One Last Time This Season

Rockaway has treated us well.  Join us and our good friends CONDO this Saturday for a smashing good time...

Wednesday, September 19, 2012


We also have a new record coming out soon called, PERSEPHONE'S GOLDEN MASK.  Below you will find the cover art and video for first track off of this album.  Special thanks once again to artist Dana Vaccarelli who created the image.

VIDEO/BEST DAY OF YOUR LIFE: shot and directed by Hektor Fontanez of twi the humble feather, Imaginary Weapons and Big Ship.

Thanks and please share with your friends.  If you want music please feel free to visit this page where our music is located for FREE.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

the World's Greatest Magician

Hello Friends,

We've been absent digitally for awhile but that is only because we have been busy creating!  We would like to share with you our latest production, the World's Greatest Magician.  An ode to a mentor, a man named Phil and his band named FOOD. Magician is experiments captured on tape, documented and studied; improvs on improvs twisted into songs.  It's further explorations into the mysteries. We miss you Phil, and hope you hear the drum machine, thank you.

Please feel free to download the World's Greatest Magician.  Click on the album artwork below, it will re-direct you to our bandcamp site, where it is available for download, free of charge.  the World's Greatest Magician was produced by Hektor Fontanez of twi and album artwork created by Dana Vaccarelli.

Thank you,