Thursday, August 18, 2011

August 31st @ Bar Matchless//Cameo Pics

The show at Cameo Gallery was awesome! It was only three of us, Joe, Hek and Hiko but we made it work and got some pretty cool shots out of it as well.  The pics were all taken by Stephanie Augello , an amazing photographer from right here in New York.  Check out her stuff...  Our next show is at Bar Matchless in Brooklyn on August 31st. Get more info here

Monday, August 1, 2011

We are now on Twitter!

so follow us @imaginarywpns

We have also moved out of our rehearsal space @ Glasslands due to some new sound rules... so sad :( But we found a new spot, Danbro Studios in Bushick.  Its a super nice room and we get to put in an AC, which is  awesome!

We have two shows lined up so far in August, August 13th at Cameo Gallery in North Brooklyn w/ Cusses, see the fb event here.   And at Bar Matchless in Greenpoint on August 31st. More info on that show soon.

In other news, our Album FIGHT is officially out on itunes and other online retailer, use the google and buy the online version. Or buy the psychical here for $8 + $2 for shipping. If you come to a show its $5.  Not a bad deal.  We are also working on a new EP, "flying in a paper plane" stay tuned for that.

much love,