Tuesday, March 27, 2012

the World's Greatest Magician

Hello Friends,

We've been absent digitally for awhile but that is only because we have been busy creating!  We would like to share with you our latest production, the World's Greatest Magician.  An ode to a mentor, a man named Phil and his band named FOOD. Magician is experiments captured on tape, documented and studied; improvs on improvs twisted into songs.  It's further explorations into the mysteries. We miss you Phil, and hope you hear the drum machine, thank you.

Please feel free to download the World's Greatest Magician.  Click on the album artwork below, it will re-direct you to our bandcamp site, where it is available for download, free of charge.  the World's Greatest Magician was produced by Hektor Fontanez of twi and album artwork created by Dana Vaccarelli.

Thank you,