Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Things Are Happening.

Hey Internet! Our next show is @ Grand Victory(formerly Brewer Falls) in Williamsburg. If you can come out and support that would be greeaaat! ;) we are in the process of final mastering for our next release, Persephone's Golden Mask. This will be our 4th release to date and we are really excited about it. A lot of the tracks we've been playing at shows and if you've come out to any recently, you've likely heard them. For example, the single "Best Day of Your Life". We also already have a video for that song which is already on YouTube--> here. We also have tunes lined up for another release early next year. We play some tracks from that as well. So ...lots of new music and old favs at shows. We are currently trying to play as many shows as possible in the nyc/brooklyn/long island areas. Hit us up if you need a band to play a spot!

Joe --> iW--<>--